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No doubt that nowadays more and more people take an interest in their health and buy natural and dietary products. Today this huge industry is blooming. Although nutrition science is still a relatively new field, nutrition graduates are badly needed in many companies to take care of your products or customers dietary requirements.

In our era of wide-spreading online technologies you can earn a Nutrition and Food Science Degree online. Actually this type of degree is a flexible way to start a new career in wellness management. Nutrition graduates can begin solid careers in any field of nutrition from personal and family nutrition to sports, school or hospital nutrition.

After completion of an online course in Nutrition and Food Science, degree holders can work as nutritionists in private, public or government facilities. The online degrees in this field are offered at different levels starting from undergraduate to graduate levels.

Degrees in Nutrition Science

Associate Degree in Nutrition

Associate degree programs in nutrition can be completed in 2 years. While earning an associate degree students study metabolism, food chemistry and weight management in order to learn to plan and apply healthy nutritional regimens. Some associate programs prepare students to earn official certification or licensure after graduation, which most states require to practice as a nutritionist.
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Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition

The Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition is a basic undergraduate degree that lasts for 4 years. While earning this degree, students learn the basis for human nutrition, how it affects health and how to help others achieve nutritional health. If you want to become a registered dietitian, then a Nutrition Science Degree can also be a stepping stone to this degree.
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Master’s Degree in Nutrition

A master’s degree program in nutrition is meant to educate students on the effects and benefits of food choices, diet assessment and other health principles related to diet. It usually takes 2 years to complete if at full-time status is taken.
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PhD in Nutrition

There are several types of online Doctoral Programs in nutrition. Depending upon the degree emphasis, he or she may also be eligible for a specialized position in government institutions such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), public health positions, international institutions and funding or research positions.
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Where Do Nutrition Graduates Apply Their Knowledge For?

Most popular career opportunities for graduates with nutrition degree are:

Usually nutritionists work as consultants either as part of an integrated clinic or in solo practice. Some graduates do research for whole foods companies and supplements manufacturers. Others prefer to teach or even write books about nutrition.

Students who graduate from nutrition schools that concentrate on food preparation often become chefs for private spas or start their own whole foods restaurant. Although a nutrition science is quite young, it is a promising sphere with many opportunities in the thriving fitness and wellness industry.

Courses for Nutrition Degree

Nutrition Degree Courses

There are various topics that should be covered through online nutrition courses. They usually include studying the principles of digestion, absorption of foods, and utilization of nutrients by the body for energy, health, and growth. At the higher level of Masters and Bachelors Degree you’ll have a chance to study related topics like anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and biology.

The coursework usually includes:

  • Nutrition basics,
  • Disease prevention by nutrition,
  • Holistic human development,
  • Antioxidants,
  • Natural health remedies and treatment,
  • Weight management and etc.

It’s very important to underline that degrees depend on the nature of the school. Many universities offer master’s degrees in nutrition that will give a possibility for the nutrition graduate to teach or practice in a hospital setting as a dietitian. However, if a student is interested in natural medicine, then the courses that emphasize “whole foods” (foods as unaltered as possible from their natural state) or holistic medicine are the best choice.

Some other schools offer courses that are connected with the use of food in Oriental medicine or cooking whole foods. There are also classes that can be taken as continuing education for licensed practitioners to expand their knowledge.

Nutrition Degree in Natural Medicine

Holistic Nutrition

If we talk about natural medicine, the study of nutrition usually focuses on the effect of diet upon the patient’s health. Students learn how bad diet can increase the risk of serious health problems while modifications in diet can ease the symptoms or even cure a serious disease.

The majority of natural medicine schools offer some courses in clinical nutrition as part of a healer’s training. Some schools are focused on the nutrition, and they teach a particular theory of diet such as macrobiotics. Still others offer specialized training as a Registered Dietitian (RD).

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