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Dietetic Technicians in Hospitals

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Dietetic technicians help clients prevent diseases, make healthy food choices and plan for a well-rounded diet.

A dietetic technicians work with a registered dietitians to plan meals, nutritional programs and diets for clients with special food needs. They assist in planning and implementing nutritional programs and services in facilities such as hospitals and sports or fitness schools.

Dietetic technicians may specialize in a particular area such as nutritional care or food service management. Nutritional care technicians determine the nutritional needs of their patients by interviewing them and reviewing their medical histories. They help patients plan meals that fit into their prescribed diet and food budget. Besides they report the patient’s progress or any dietary problems to the supervising dietitian.
Dietetic technicians in a food service management plan meals and menus for many people, order and stock food and supplies, oversee the production of meals and services, and maintain quality control and safety standards. Moreover, they may be in charge of designing and implementing new food service systems to make facilities run more efficiently. Dietetic technicians may work with computer systems to verify diet orders, record laboratory data, and to calculate payroll.

Dietetic Technician Career

Dietetic Technician Career

Dietetic technicians can find job in various settings. They can work in school systems, colleges and universities, government agencies, hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, home health agencies, community health centers, research facilities, long term care facilities, fitness centers, and food related industries.

Dietetic Technician Courses

If you are interested in a career as a dietetic technician, then you should take high school courses in:

  • biology,
  • home economics,
  • chemistry,
  • algebra,
  • English,
  • business,
  • health occupations/medical professions education,
  • psychology,
  • physical education,
  • and computer skills.

If you want to enter a dietetic technician program, then you should have a high school diploma or the equivalent. Becoming a dietetic technician requires obtaining an associate degree from an accredited university that is approved by the American Dietetic Association. These nutrition degree programs usually include classroom study and 450 hours of supervised practice experience. After completion of the program individuals must pass a test called the Registration Examination for Dietetic Technicians. In addition, 50 hours of continuing education hours must be completed every 5 years.

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